Your operating model is how your company can organize and manage its resources. It’s the organizational blueprint that bridges strategy and execution.

It’s important to future-proof your operating model because of the velocity and the rate of innovation currently at play in the market. The companies that will survive will be the companies that can build higher-energy, higher velocity, more entrepreneurial, digitally-enabled organizations, and a secure operating model is the way to ensure that.

Listen to this Harvard Business Review webinar, where Bain & Company's Eric Garton describes common mistakes companies make in operationalizing their strategy, and shares practical advice including how to:

  • Establish your operating model
  • Become a ‘scale insurgents’ with an agile, digital approach to business
  • Adopt transformative technologies with the continuous renewal of capabilities
  • Future-proof your human capital

There’s no doubt that executing your corporate strategy is the key to your company's future - so watch the HBR webinar now.

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