Data, Dump Trucks and a Deep Drive Into Wins With Process Automation

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Process automation is necessary to stay competitive in today’s industrial world. And while most of us recognize this fact, many of us aren’t automating smartly, strategically, optimally to reap all of the benefits of manufacturing-execution systems, digital supply networks, RPA, ERP, IoT, analytics, cloud storage and the other modern technologies.
Let’s change that.

Join OnDemand to hear from Netherlands based truck manufacturer, Geesinknorba.

You will walk away learning:

  • Learn methods to bypass traditional automation and achieve fully connected, fully flexible systems
  • Develop a constant stream of data from operations and production systems to adapt to demands at your enterprise
  • Explore a case study of how Netherlands-based truck manufacturer Geesinknorba used cloud-based, low-code applications and IIoT techniques to connect their departments and streamline their factory.