; Beyond ChatGPT: Delivering Real Business Value


Beyond ChatGPT: Delivering Real Business Value

Neil Ward-Dutton, VP Automation, Analytics & AI Europe IDC
Rachel Brennan, VP, Product Marketing Bizagi

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The arrival of ChatGPT in late 2022 kicked off a huge wave of interest in generative AI from business leaders, IT executives and tech industry investors. According to IDC, around 59% of organizations are currently carrying out initial explorations of generative AI use cases; and a further 22% say have already made clear investment plans for 2023/24. 

ChatGPT is certainly an impressive product: but the opportunities to get value from it and products like it in business are limited – because by themselves, they have only very limited ways of referencing, or being aligned to, business data, content and processes. To use the capabilities of GenAI technologies to drive real business efficiencies, improve customer experience and free employees to be more effective and creative, organizations are going to have to find ways to integrate these innovations into the ways they already work. 

Join this webinar to learn more about the full spectrum of ways that generative AI can deliver value, the ways that the core technologies can be integrated with business assets and how Bizagi’s governable AI assistant, named Ada, provides conversational analytics with actionable results.