; Webinar: Enhancing SAP witha Low-Code Platform, Featuring Kyovera


Enhancing SAP with a Low-Code Platform, Featuring Kyocera

Jagadeesh Kadiyala, COE Lead, Kyocera
Samir Gulati, CMO, Bizagi
Ernesto Castro, Solutions Consultant, Bizagi

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It’s time for a new approach to ERP software. For 30 Years ERPs systems have been critical to enterprise operations. But their inflexibility combined with pains in customization and migrating to the cloud, shows a need for fresh thinking.

Low-code platforms like Bizagi are an increasingly popular way to enhance your ERP. They can wrap and extend existing ERPs to add agility. In addition, they can help organizations to simplify complex cloud migrations and consolidation projects.

Join this session to hear from Bizagi’s CMO Samir Gulati as he discusses these topics with Kyocera’s COE Lead, Jagadeesh Kadiyala. Jagadeesh will share how the leading printer manufacturer used Bizagi to orchestrate processes and integrate them with SAP to accelerate operations. Bizagi’s Solution Consultant, Ernesto Castro, will also give a live demo to show you how easily Bizagi integrates with SAP.