How To Accelerate Business Automation In The Time of Covid-19

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Industries are facing serious disruption due to Covid-19 and its effects on the workforce. Between workers transitioning into remote work and company and consumer budgets becoming more constrained as a result of the economic impact, there has never been a better time to evaluate operational processes, remove bottlenecks, enhance automation, and map out business process models for an ideal customer experience.

Join Bizagi’s Rachel Brennan and Ed Gower as they share their experience of helping organizations improve their processes to survive 2020's economic challenges. You will walk away with an improved understanding of how to evaluate your current processes and improve them moving forward.

Topics of discussion include:

  • What BPM is and why it is so important.
  • Key things to consider before creating your model.
  • The immediate benefits of process modeling.
  • How to test.
  • Next steps.