Your first BPM process - quick, measurable and...contagious

Selecting the right first process for fast returns

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BPM programs live or die on the success of the pilot project, which in turn depends on choosing the right first process. Since BPM initiatives involve deep cultural changes, the pilot project has to deliver results that are quick, measurable, contagious and extensible.

This document introduces Bizagi’s business transformation methodology -Start Small, Think Big, Scale Fast- as a framework to discuss topics such as the 1 big misconception of BPM, the 2 key audiences of BPM, the 3 evolution stages of BPM, and the 4 governance quadrants of BPM. Ultimately, it provides comprehensive guidance in the selection of the optimal first business process that generates sufficient momentum to kick off a successful company-wide BPM program.

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Over 350 global customers rely on Bizagi to transform their businesses resulting in improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and better adaptability achieved at 10% of the in-house development costs and 20-30% of the competitive BPM systems.